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Ryan McCormick

Stand Up Comedian, Sit Down Typist

Ryan began his stand-up career by begging his parents to let him stay up and watch Johnny Carson’s monologue and performing those jokes the next day at school. Stealing did not last long, as Ryan started to write his own material and perform it in his Economics class his senior year of high school. During college Ryan performed a few times, and not long after college, he was performing at open mike nights at a local comedy club.

His first paid week was April of 1989 as the Emcee. Soon after that he moved into the Emcee/Open slot and the rest is…well you know. Performing throughout the Midwest at clubs and colleges as well as corporate events, Ryan brings a very likable stage persona and you feel like you have known him for a long time. Covering a varied range of topics, Ryan easily weaves a nice comical slant on dating, marriage, divorce, children and his most proud accomplishment-being a cancer survivor. In the nearly 20 years Ryan as been performing, he has really grown as a performer and he is sure to please.

Upcoming EVENTS

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Ryan will be performing in the upcoming production of Glengarry Glen Ross
June 1 - June 17

In the cutthroat world of real estate salesmen pushing land on reluctant buyers, no tactic – legal or otherwise – is off the table. In this Pulitzer Prize winning play, veteran real estate agent Shelly Levene is in a slump, and is in desperate need of closing a sale. As pressure mounts and the other salesmen smell blood in the water, someone breaks into the office and steals—among other things—the prized Glengarry sales leads. As all of the salesmen become under investigation, pressure, distrust, and greed take hold of everyone involved.

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